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Daily Cycle Tours self-guided or guided

For all types of bicycles and physical requirements

Selfguided Tours

LisaBikes team has been on the road with the bike for 20 years in the Algarve and, therefore, they are perfectly prepared to share their experience with you and pass the most attractive routes to you. We developed detailed topographic maps at a scale of 1:30 '000, with photos and directions. Unclear locations or streets in towns are exactly described on the map by enlargements.

Currently there are more than 50 daily tours available which you can ride self-guided or, on request, with one of our experienced guides. You get the cycling maps if you rent a bike from our bike range. The maps are not transferable and may not be copied.
The format of the maps is A3 but they can be folded to a handy A5 format. They are printed on durable and waterproof material, so that they even survive a possible rain shower.

If you prefer to use a GPS device, we can lend it to you for a fee or download the track to your Smartphone. However, the map has the advantage that you have got a bigger overview of the whole area and can take other routes or shortcuts as needed.

You can choose between routes from our shop or from your residence, we will deliver the bike to you. For routes from our shop you can park your car during the tour on the guarded parking, even changing facilities are available. Some tours can be combined with the train, the station is 5 min. from our shop or you can start from any other train station.

Guided Tours

We offer guided tours for any physical demands.

Mountain Bike

Racing Cycle

Touring bike, e-touring bike, mountain bike, e-mountain bike with visits or events

By prior arrangement, corresponding to your needs, a program is being prepared such as:

Cycling maps offers

Individual maps

If you would like to get matched routes for all your needs, e.g. for your family, for groups, for companies, holiday resorts or hotels, we can develop special maps for you, charging an extra fee. We can advise you and make you an offer.

Cycling maps standard offers

The following list shows you which cycling maps are currently available. Please provide us with advanced notice, to prepare the right number and the correct maps.