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LisaBikes – for the joy of cycling

Passion, experience and an insatiable curiosity – these are not empty cliches, they are based on reality. We love the Algarve and we live cycling. For decades now we have become fully acquainted with every best aspect of these two passions. We ourselves have personally cycled just about every inch and explored every nook and cranny of the Algarve. So we are glad to share our knowledge with you and organise perfect cycling holidays for every kind of cyclist whatever their capability and whatever kind of bicycle they would like to ride.

Perhaps you would like to speed your way right across the Algarve, independently or in a group. Or would you prefer leisurely daily stages on an E-Bike, either on a guided tour or independently using the specialist maps which we have produced ourselves? Do you enjoy off road cycling and have been dreaming of exploring the southern coast of Portugal on a mountain bike? Or do you cycle purely for pleasure and need no excuse to linger over some delicious Portuguese delicacies (the 'cozinha portuguesa'), ideally staying in one centre.

Whether it is a mountain bike, a trekking or E-Bike, a tourer or a carbon racing bike, our mechanics bring the highest quality of service and the utmost care and attention in preparing this bicycle for you. And if there were to be any kind of difficulty when you are out on the road, we will soon be there for you and resolve the problem.

But don't forget: you have to do the pedalling!

Eugen Hanhart: 'The Brains'

'Check, double check, cross check! Only when I am 300% certain that the bicycle and the route are all in perfect order, do I send our clients on their way!'

Precision and reliability (just like a Swiss clock!) are the tools with which Eugen Hanhart works on every route until he is satisfied and only then does he allow it out of his sight. This 75 year old mechanical engineer has a treasure trove of valuable information – after all he can look back on a 40 year career as a logistics expert in Zurich and Lisbon. This is the ideal situation for him to combine his career and his retirement: he plans and executes the routes throughout the Algarve and the Alentejo – those very routes which he has explored himself as a keen cyclist and a former professional sportsman.

Lisa Hanhart: 'The Heart'

'I know what our clients need, even before they know it themselves!'

It is love above all which connects Lisa Hanhart to her husband, Eugen: love for him, for the Algarve and for the sport of cycling. However, the lady who gives her name to this company, would dearly love to follow her three-fold passion out on her bike and into the countryside more frequently than is ever possible. As the business manager and owner of LisaBikes, she attends to everything that is needed around the clock. The fact that everything to do with the bicycle is maintained to the very highest quality and runs like clockwork is down to this 55 year old Austrian lady and the business is indebted to her for this.

Rita V., Rita M. & Cristina


Gonçalo, Luis & Paulo

'The Hands'

'No bicycle would go anywhere without us!'

The great breadth of talent in our LisaBikes team ranges from administrative skills to the most highly technical tasks. We leave the servicing, oiling and cleaning of our bicycles in the capable masculine hands of – Gonçalo, Luis, and Paulo, who learnt to ride a bike before they could walk! Not only are they available round the clock with their mechanical expertise, they also lead the guided tours and organise the transport for our customers and their luggage.

Caring for our clients, being the public face of LisaBikes and communicating information about current cycling holidays – these tasks are left in capable feminine hands – those of Rita V., Rita M. and Cristina, who work in our office.