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12 Different model lines, whether for tours, fitness or daily commute.

The FLYER are made in Huttwil Swizerland. The company is named BikeTec and specializes exclusively in the development and production of electric-powered or electrically assisted bikes.
Thanks to our own development department and the wealth of experience on the market (including through the numerous of renting projects in tourist areas) the FLYER are designed consistently through for optimum coverage of customer needs. BikeTec produced exclusively electric bikes. Therefore, all specialists deal with FLYER only with this issue and do not have to worry about a variety of other products.

The company is a pioneer in the sector of electric bikes and is regarded as a reference in the premium class.
Following guarantees are issued:

This is possible by this generous interpretation using the highest quality components, like Panasonic, Shimano XT Rohloff, Nexus, Magura, Pletscher, etc.
The core of the technology is developed in collaboration with Panasonic Center-motor, which counts in comfort, driving dynamics and in particular the reliability of the absolute top.
An electronic torque sensor provides measurement of the force, which automatically takes control of the drive. The energy received by the engine through a Li-Ion battery, which is free from the called „memory effect“ and has the highest power density at low weight on. The safe Li-Ion manganese batteries can be carried as a good spare battery on big trips, thanks to the low weight.
More information about e-bike Flyer you will find on the site www.flyer.ch.

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